I prefer to stay at home

This week is semester break.  No class for a week and it means I have more time to relax, rest and enjoy.  I thought of going somewhere and unwind away from busy city and busy home.LOL  When the sister told me that they will have vacation at her in-laws and she wants me to go with them, I said yes right away.  This is it!  This is the perfect time to relax and unwind.  I have been to the province of her in-laws many times already.  And I like it there that is why every time my sister invites me, I always say yes even if I have to help her is taking care of her two sons.  I do not mind doing it since I love my two nephews.  Plus I do not have to think of other things.

However, when I told the father that I will be going to the province with the sister and her family he also said that he wants to go with us.  The sister said yes to him.  The father is so excited about the short vacation.  I am happy for him because he also needs time to relax away from the busy city.  And because father wants to go to the province, I told the sister that I will not be going with them because no one will look after the three kids of my older brother.  My older brother and his wife are both working.  Even if I really wanted to go to the province, I opted to stay at home with the kids.  Besides my father needs a vacation the most.

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