One Step Higher

 Last grading (First grading), my nephew was on the ninth place.  I am so proud of him because I did not expect him to be part of the top 10. But on the second grading, I doubt if he is still part of the top 10 because of the scores he got in their daily activity, seat work and assignments.  In fact he got multiple of zero score, that made his mother so angry.LOL  Well, he does not want to study.  I guess he got bored.  And he has couple of absences.  I have to use my best move to motivate him to go to school. whew*

Earlier today was the awarding of honors at my nephew’s classroom for second grading.  The teachers are picking up 10  outstanding students in their class again for second grading.  Based from the nephew’s performance and score, I doubt if he is still part of the top 10.  Though I am hoping and praying because his examination test results are not bad.  When the teacher handed to me the certificate, I am surprised for I really did not expecting it.  The nephew is the top 8.  One step higher than the previous grading.  Good job nephew, I am so proud of you.  Continue doing well at school for you will surely make it to the top position.

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