Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts Aspirant

My niece will going to represent her class for Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts.  I am so happy for her because she slowly coming out from her shell.  Well, it was her teacher’s idea for her to join.  Her teacher picked her to represent their classroom and her teacher said, that he will not take a NO answer.  In other words, the niece has no choice.  I like also the idea of her teacher because joining beauty contest is one of my greatest dreams.  Again, I am seeing myself in her fulfilling my childhood dreams.  So, I am supporting my niece on this.

She is still an aspirant because they will have an elimination round.  And the school will pick the final contestants at the elimination round.  I so wanted to see the niece but was not able to.  I just wish her good luck and tell her to project and practice the catwalk.  Also, told her to show her confidence to wow the judges.  I do hope that the niece will make it and surpass the elimination round.  I really want to see her compete with other girls and to see how smart, witty and confident she is.  Good luck to you niece.  Continue to shine and reach your goal to the top.  I am so proud of you even if you’re so stubborn.LOL!

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