Will try his luck in three weeks

The sister is planning to transfer her son next school year to the school where she wants him to study.  That is why she puts her son in a school where he will be teach well and will develop his writing and reading skills.  The nephew already knows and recognized letters, numbers, colors, shapes and animals.  The basic things that he needs to learn to be able to get in the school where his mother wants for him.  The nephew knows a bit writing his name, but not nicely done because he is complaining of his name.  Saying, his name is too long.LOL!  Partly, the sister felt sorry for her son, but she likes his name and she can’t change it.haha!

The nephew has two weeks to practice and we are double our effort to teach him.  I hope that he will master the things he needs to know before the examination period.  We are praying that the nephew will passed and will be studying in the school that will surely give him the best learning and values.  Also we pray that when the examination comes, his laziness will not strike him so he can do the test will and give the right answers that the teachers wants him to do.  Good luck nephew and break a leg.

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