Plan to invest in wisely

The land of my grandparents in the province is for sale.  Since grandparents are both dead and the five siblings are living in the city, no one take good care of the land.  They used to plant corn crops, rice grains, potato crops, and the likes but after the death of my grand mother no one cares to continue planting those plants.  After more than five years, the heirs decided to sale the land.  We felt really sad but majority of the heirs wants to sale it and they already have a buyer.  And because my mother passed away already, we will have her share.

After the signing of papers/documents, we are waiting for the final decision.  While waiting, five of us is thinking of what are we going to do with the money.  We wanted to invest in wisely because it is our mother’s share.  We want her to feel that we value her part/share and even though she is no longer with us, we want to share to her the success of the share that we get because of her.  We plan to buy a lot first and then think of what are we going to do it.  The sister said that the best investment now is buying a lot/land.  Hopefully this will push through. AMEN!

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