Happy 37th years to me

Yes I just turned 37 years old yesterday.  And there are lots of things that  comes in my mind.  Things that makes me sad, happy, worry, excited, etc.. It’s a mixed emotions I must say.  I wanted to elaborate it but I decided not to because it would be best if I just keep it to myself to make my life a wonderful journey.  Well, my years in this world is so wonderful though I have encountered lots of difficulties that makes me want to give up.  But with the help of my older sister, who is my confidant since my mother is no longer around, I am able to move on and embrace the beauty of life.

Life is a wonderful journey, the journey that I want to take and enjoy to the fullest.  On my 37th years on this earth, I wish to make my family proud of me.  I have few wishes, plans, prayers, goals, that hopefully will come true.  Making this dreams come true is not an easy journey and I want to take the first step right.  How to do that?  Well, by doing the things right and I have to start moving in making difference.  And, never forge to pray to God to guide me and give me strength so my journey would be a smooth sailing.  This I asked in Jesus name, AMEN!

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