Thinking of renewing my passport

Some 10 years ago, I took passport because I am planning to apply for a job abroad.  I want to help the family financially and want to put up my own business.  Putting up a business needs enough capital, and I cannot save if my the salary in my present job only covers my daily expenses.  I took my chance applying for different jobs and in different country.  But for family reason, I did not able to pursue it.  When the agency called me to report for I already have an employer, I backed out because of my sister.  I guess it was God’s plan because a year after my father got sick.

My passport is on standby for a decade now.  I so wish I will be able to use it in the future.  I did not renew it for years now because there is no use.  Few days ago, I was cleaning my closet and saw my passport.  It brings back the memories back then.  I have lots of what if’s.  Well, I do not have any regrets with my decision back then because family comes first.  But if given the chance now, I still want to work abroad or try my lack abroad for better future.  Thinking of these things makes me want to renew my passport this year.  Hopefully I will be able to use my passport this year.  My knight in shining armour come in a hurry. *wink

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