Getting him ready for the entrance examination

My sister wants her son to be enrolled in one of the best school in the city.  However, the school is a bit strict.  The student will have to undergo series of examination to finally get in the school.  My nephew was accepted during the registration day.  But he has to take three (3) examinations before we enrolled him for the next school year.  The categories for the examinations are writing, reading and identifying letters, numbers, colors and the likes.  The sister is so worried on the writing and reading categories because the nephew is so lazy to write especially his name.  To him, his name is too long and writing it makes him really tired.LOL!  And nephew does not know how to read.

The sister still have two weeks of preparation to get her son ready for the examination.  The sister now is getting her son ready for the examination.  They have learning lessons everyday for two hours.  She is focusing on writing and reading.  The sister also strengthen her patience because her son is a bit stubborn.  I am also helping her when I have time and when her son is in the mood to learn.  I hope that their study and learning lessons will be successful and that the nephew will passed the three examinations to get in.  Good luck to my nephew and I am really praying for his upcoming examinations!

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