Networking is not appealing to me

If nagging to my father is not a sin, I would surely nag at him.  I do not know what comes in his mind that he keeps on bragging to his friends that I am a blogger.  As if I am a good blogger.  My knowledge is limited as well as my English vocabulary.  As much as possible I want to keep it to myself that I do blogging.  He told me that he talked to someone and is very much interested of meeting me to discuss business online.  Duh, I am not that good.  I am not a techie person.  I only know basic.  My goodness!

This morning the guy came to our house and told me about his online business.  It is a networking business.  The business that I do not like.  I am into this kind of business before it was a failure.  No regrets though because it was a good experience in dealing with people, just that it takes lots of efforts, sacrifices and time to recruit new member.  Anyways, since networking is no longer appealing to me, I told him directly that I am not interested so our conversation will end.  But he keeps on insisting that I should try because I can earn huge salary.  Plus no pressure because I work home base.  Even so, I am not interested still.  I am fine with my blogging career and contented with my earning.

Just this afternoon the guy called and said that he will comes back with his team to discuss to me further about their business.  Though I did not say yes yet, I just told them that I will text them if I have time.  After tonight, I will message him tomorrow and tell him that I am not interested.  This is all my father’s fault.  ARGHS!

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