Because this is what I love to do

I have mentioned in my previous post about the business proposal that was offered to me.  And because I am not interested, I declined the offer after thinking about it.  I do not think that the plan will work well because it is a networking business plan.  I have heard lots about networking business and only few are successful.  I have tried it once and I do not want to gamble for the second time.  The income is tempting though but on the way of earning it, is impossible to me because I do not have lots of contacts so selling the products will take efforts, sacrifices and lots of time.  These are the reason I am declining the offered business.

Though my blogging career earns very slow lately, I am contented with it and still doing it.  Well, this is what I love to do.  I am like a frustrated writer.  A trying hard writer but even though, it is fun doing what I love to do.  Through writing I am able to express my thoughts, ideas, views, opinions and the likes.  It is like writing a diary and earning from doing what I love to do.  No pressure, less stress, and it is fun.  I will be doing it for a longer time for sure.  I will double my time working on my websites/blogs to make it fruitful.  I am still praying that time will come when my blogs earns more than I expected.  Hopefully soon.  Amen!

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