Academic Achiever

Getting good grades at school is already an achievement.  A best gift that kids could give to their parents for doing great at school.  It surely makes them happy for their effort and sacrifices are being paid off.  They are happier when their kids got an award and belong to the top 10 achievers in their class.  Parents are more energize to work hard to give what their kids needs and support them as far as they could.  The kids achievements are their parents too.  Proud parents they are when their kids are one of the academic achiever.

Today, I see a proud and happy parents.  My brother and SIL cannot contain the happiness when their son got an award at school this morning.  My nephew is one of the top academic achiever for the second time around.  They are not expecting it because the nephew’s examination results are not that good.  Even though the nephew makes his parents so proud.  They are smiling the whole day.  And because of the job well done, the nephew got an award from them too.  They treat him by giving his favorite food.  Yes, savoring the favorite meals from favorite fast food chain.  And I bet you know what food chain I am  talking too.LOL

Anyways, I am one proud aunt so I am sharing my happiness here.  Congratulations nephew good job!  I am so proud of you.  Long way to go but I am pretty sure you can go far because I know you can and you will.  Keep up the good works.

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