Feels good to take a break

I mentioned in my past posts that I need to take a break sometimes from doing the things I do at home.  I feel the need to unwind, keep myself away from doing household chores and babysitting for 2-3 days to regain my strength.  In short, I need some time off and take a rest, pamper myself, get more sleep and relax without nothing to worry about.  Again, I am not complaining of my life because I like it, just that sometimes we need to take a break to breath some air because sometimes doing the same things over and over again is suffocating.  We all need to rest, sleep and take a break because we deserved it.

Anyways, when my sister invited me to go with them at the province of him in-laws, I say yes right away.  This is the perfect time that I have been waiting for.  Life at the province is relaxing, with all the trees, flowers, and quiet ambiance is refreshing.  Though it is not my first time for I went with them to two years ago, and I enjoyed my stay.  I am able to relax and get more sleep.  And I missed doing it.  Thanks to my sister for inviting me.  I spent my holy week at the province last week.  I get more sleep and have regain my strength.  I am back to reality now, and started doing household chores again.  I am refresh and will embrace life’s challenges.  Bring it on!

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