Birthday plans for him

My father will be celebrating his 67th birthday this coming Thursday (April 7,2016).  The sister and I talked about this day on how we are going to celebrate his birthday.  The sister suggested to celebrate it outside for a change.  Instead of cooking and inviting his friends for dinner, she wanted to go out and have dinner outside.  Then get a room in karaoke bar and have a sing-a-long bonding since the family likes to sing especially my father.  Since it is his special day, we want him to enjoy and have fun.  The sister’s plan is really nice and I like it.  The father’s birthday would be memorable for sure.

However, brothers does not like the idea.  They prefer to celebrate it at home, cook father’s favorite foods and have our sing-a-long bonding at home.  We can use the karaoke set that we have.  And it is less costly.  If we want it more like a family bonding, we do not need to invite friends.  It would be a family event/celebration.  The brothers has a point.  The only issue is it would be a bit tiring because we have to cook foods, and prepare everything compared to just go out.

To sum it up, we have two plans for the father’s special day.  We have not decided yet of what plan we are going to choose.  The board member (that’s what we call the members of the family), will discuss and talk about the birthday plan.  Whatever the decision is, we will make the father’s birthday memorable for us.

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