He passed the entrance examination

Two months ago, the nephew took an entrance examination in the certain school.  The school that would surely develop his skills and will give him great teachings.  I am not saying that other schools won’t give him that just that the school is much better.  And it is not easy to get into this school because the students who wants to enroll will have to undergo several tests to get in.  And the nephew undergo three sets of examinations.  Even though the nephew is not that good, we still tried hoping and praying that he will make it.

Two months of waiting for the results makes us so excited and at the same time scared.  But we still think positive and claimed that the nephew pass the examination.  Yesterday the sister went to the school to check for the result.  She is the happiest mother on earth after seeing the name of her son on the list of students who passed the examination.  It was an answered prayers I must say.  I am so happy for her and to my nephew.  He did it!  It is a long way for him.  I hope he will do good at the new school and pray for his wonderful journey in the new school.  Good luck nephew, you always make us so happy and proud especially your parents.  CONGRATULATIONS!

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