It’s Brigada Eskwela Again

In preparation for the opening of the classes on June 13, 016 several public schools are conducting Brigada Eskwela.  This Brigada Eskwela started last May 30, 2016.  It is a working together program by the Department of Education for the schools.  Parents, volunteers, guardians and students are bringing rugs, broomsticks, paint, paintbrushes, floor wax and the likes to participate in the yearly activity at the schools.  This also to make sure that the school is clean, safe and ambiance is fresh for all the students.  To make the students comfortable at their classrooms.  There are also volunteers from other sectors extending help for the school.

It is really good to see people working together for one cause.  This is the beauty of the Brigada Eskwela.  Seeing parents, volunteers, guardians, students and teachers doing things for one cause is indeed a beautiful capture.  It is nice to see parents participating in this government program.  I experienced this working together program last year at the school where my niece’s enrolled and it was a nice experience.  Yes, it is tiring but worth it.  I able to meet new friends doing the Brigada Eskwela.  I hope that more parents, guardians, and volunteers will spend some of their time doing this working together program.

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