The kids are ready for school

The kids are a bit sad because their vacation is almost over.  First day of school will start in four days.  Even though they are sad that play time is almost over, they are also excited for their first day of school.  Obviously they are excited because of their new bags, notebooks, shoes, sacks, uniforms, and the likes.  Their school stuffs makes them so excited to go to school.  Hopefully their excitement will continue till the last day of school.  The nephews ages 6 and 5 are so excited.  They keep on checking their stuffs and likes to wear their shoes, and looking at their uniforms.  Reminds me so much of my younger days.

The five years old nephew is the most excited one.  He is excited because he will be in new school.  New environment, new teacher, and new friends to meet.  Everyday I told him that he will be studying in new school.  He will not be seeing his friends and classmates on his Kinder 1 Class.  I get lots of questions from him and whys.  And knowing my nephew, I have to give the best answer and explanation to stop him from asking a lot.whew!

I hope that the nephew will do good at his new school and will learn more.  Good luck nephew!   Whatever your achievements are, we are always proud of you!

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