Get well soon kids

Today is not a good day for us.  The three years old nephew and 13 years old niece has fever.  I keep on monitoring their temperature from time to time.  I was not able to take a nap and do my laundry because I have to watch the kids especially the nephew.  Fever scares me to death because of this dengue fever disease.  Dengue fever cases in our city is no joke.  The city government is already declaring a dengue fever outbreak.  Fever nowadays is scary that is why when any member of the family has fever, monitoring is important.

We have given the kids paracetamol for the fever, and vitamin C so they will regain strength.  Also give them small feeding.  It is really difficult seeing them sick.  Sometimes I wish that I have to power to transfer the illness to me because seeing them so weak and not energy at all is painful to me for I am used to see them laughing, playing, running around the house and fighting.  The niece took a half day class because she is not feeling well.  Her temperature jumped up to 40.2 and it is so alarming.  Now the nephew and the niece fever slows down.  I hope that they will get better soon.  God send your healing power to them. Amen!

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