His new investment

My older brother is living with his girlfriend for a year now.  And they are planning to get married early next year.  While waiting for the biggest event of their life, they are saving money for their wedding also for their new build home.  My brother and his future wife, wants everything to be settled before their wedding day.  I am really happy of my brother’s life right now.  The lonely and sad man is now the happiest man on earth after meeting the woman he is praying for.  He never thought that he will get married after many failures in love life.  Indeed, God will give you something better.

My brother’s new investment is land.  Yes, he just bought a land in the province of his wife to be.  The land has coconut trees and other root crops.  It is a nice investment I must say.  The brother spent his savings wisely and thought of the better future of his family.  We haven’t seen the land he just bought yet, hopefully after their wedding day.  I pray that the brother’s investment will give him and his future family a good life.  Also pray that the Lord will shower them more blessings and will always guide them in everything that they do.  Congratulations to my brother to his new investment, new house and wedding next year.  May God bless both of you always! 🙂

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