Kids with disability

My nephew is studying at special school.  The school that is specialized in kids with disability.  They accept normal and with disability kids.  Everyday when I fetch the nephew, I saw kids with disability.  And seeing them reminds me of how blessed I am.  Yesterday I watched the practice of the nephew for their field demonstration presentation for the school foundation day.  It was fun watching the kids doing their individual moves.  Even if their is no synchronization, it makes all the parents proud of their kids participation, including me of course.  Watching the nephew showing no shyness makes me so happy.

Anyways, before the nephew’s scheduled time for practice, I get the chance to see the kids with disability practicing for their presentation.  I have seen all kinds of kids with disability. Watching them dancing is really amazing.  Most of them memorized all the steps.  I did enjoyed watching them smiling while dancing.  I can tell that they are having so much fun.  It feels like I am seeing normal kids enjoying.  I must say that these kids are really special.  I will for sure watch these kids perform on the foundation day, of course I will be supporting my nephew.  *wink*

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