Hopefully it is a good business for us

My older sister and I thinking of putting up a business this year to earn extra income.  We do not know what kind of business we are going to put up yet.  There are lots of possible businesses that is profitable that we like to start but our capital is limited.  We thought of starting a small one.  Since we do not know where to start, I told the sister if we could try it online.  We just have to post our products/items on our social media account and entertain possible client there.  Though it is very risky since there are lots of scammers, still we want to give it a try.  And we decided to offer it to our friends and relatives.  Through them and recommendations costumers will come and try our products and items.

In my youth, I always thought of having an RTW (ready to wear) business like selling clothes for men, women, and kids.  To me, this kind of business is good compared to food related business.  And it is easy to sell it online.  I have seen people doing this kind of business online and they are successful, so I want to try my luck.  Who knows I will become successful like them.  Since it is a partnership between me and my sister, and we both have social media account, our possible clients/costumers will be wider.  Hopefully, this is a good business for us.  And hope, it is a good decision and idea.  Though we haven’t decided yet!  Wish us luck!

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