Everything happens for a reason

Two months ago, my future sister-in-law was announcing that she is pregnant.  The brother and her was the happiest person on earth.  They have been waiting for this wonderful gift from Above for two years.  The prayers has been answered and we are so happy for them.  This is indeed a wonderful blessing for them and now we are planning for their wedding.  This year would be a great year for the family because of these two big events, the wedding of my brother and future SIL and the coming of their baby.  Indeed a good reason to celebrate for these very nice gifts.

Everything went well, until an unexpected thing happened.  The sister-in-law had miscarriage a week ago.  It was very unfortunate.  I am so sad when messaged me telling this sad news.  I felt so sorry for them.  I felt the pain she had at that moment.  I wish we were there to comfort her and the brother.  We just new about the sad news few days ago.  She already discharged from the hospital.  I still comforted her through facebook because they live far from us.  I really felt her pain and sadness.  I just told the SIL that everything happens for a reason.  Maybe it is not time yet.  They will soon be blessed with another one in God’s perfect time.  Always have faith and pray to God.

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