World Teacher’s Day

As they say, the teachers are our second parents, and the school is our second home.  We learned our good values at home, and we learned our academic at school.  Teachers played the important part in every student life.  They give knowledge and mold them to become what they want in the future.  I must say, the success of the students is the teacher’s pride and achievements.  There is teacher’s behind them to teach them and made their dreams come true.   We should give credits to all the teachers in the world for the job well done, for their sacrifices in teaching their students.

Today is world teacher’s day.  The day that we should give honor to all the teachers.  Their sacrifices and teaching are acknowledging for giving their best in helping their students to make their dreams come true and to achieve their goals in life.  It is right to give a special day to all the teachers to show our love, care and thankful to them.  This profession is a noble job that we should be appreciated.  Part of one I am right now is because of my teacher, and I am forever thankful to them.  My sister is a teacher, and I know how hard this profession is.  Happy Teacher’s day to all the teachers in the world.

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