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The niece turns 1

Time flies really fast I must say.  It is like yesterday when the niece was born and I was held her in my arms for the first time from the nursery room.  Now, the niece turns one.  We did simple preparation for the little girl’s big day.  It was tiring for us because we just arrived from short vacation in the province, but we do not mind it.  This is all for the first birthday of my niece, Alyssa Lian.  Last October 31, 2017, we celebrated the first birthday of my sister’s only girl, my niece.  We had a simple children party so the kids will enjoy and the niece will have a nice memories to look back when she gets older.  We took few photos too for the niece remembrance.  It was a success celebration and memorable endeed because most of invited guests did come and celebrate with us.

To my niece, happy happy birthday to you.  I wish you good health, grow up a good person, God-fearing kid, and loving person.  I pray that God will always guide you and protect you as well as your family.  Be a good girl always and stay bubbly our princess Alyssa Lian.

To all the visitors, thanks for coming and for celebrating with us in the first birthday of my sister’s unica hija.  God bless you all!

*unfortunately I can’t post a photo… 🙁

Plans for his 70th birthday has changed

My father will celebrate his 70th birthday next month.  We secretly planned for this event.  We want to surprise him.  We will invite some relatives, close friends of him, and neighbors who are close to him.  We already pick the place where we could have a simple celebration.  We wanted it this way because we want him to remember this event.  It is his first time to celebrate the birthday so we want him to be memorable.  An event that he will treasure forever.  I can’t wait to see father’s face about our surprise birthday party.

However, as the day of father’s birthday is fast approaching.  I thought of asking him what is his plans for his birthday.  What he wants to do, and what he wants on his big day.  Indeed the father is a simple person.  He does not want and extravagant celebration.  He wants it to be simple with the family and some close friends.  And he wants to celebrate his birthday at home.  The surprise party is canceled because father won’t like an extravagant one.  He does not want us to spend much.  Simple dinner at home is fine with him.  As his request, the plans has changed.  It’s his birthday and his wish so we will grant it.

Three Unique Host Gifts for the Holiday Season

With Fall in full swing and the holiday season right around the corner, it is time to begin thinking about stocking up on host and hostess gifts. The last quarter of each year is filled with plenty to celebrate from holiday parties to end of year festivities. With each event you attend, you will want to have a small gift on hand for the host as a sign of appreciation and holiday cheer. This year, stay away from the traditional flowers or wine and find unique gifts that will really stand out. Here are three great ideas that party hosts will love receiving.

Custom Coasters

The holidays generally means lots of guests and drinks, which require coasters, particularly when hosting a party. This makes the gift of coasters is a thoughtful way to say thank you for hosting. While you can pick out a set that you think the host or hostess will love, you can also opt to have custom coasters made. A number of websites allow you to upload photos from Facebook or Instagram to have printed on coasters or a beautiful, one of a kind surprise. You can even have the host’s favorite quote or images from his or her favorite movie printed on them. This is a gift that is sure to knock it out of the park.

Willow Tree Figurines

Another great holiday-themed gift for a party host is a figurine from the Willow Tree Collection. These beautiful, hand-painted figurines are designed by Susan Lordi with a special meaning behind each one. For the holiday season, you might choose an angel or nativity scene figurines. You can also find pieces that represent love and friendship, making these beautiful figurines an incredibly meaningful gift. Find a variety of willow tree figures at

Christmas Ornament

Finally, consider picking out a beautiful Christmas tree ornament to give your host or hostess. Find something made by a local artist or supporting a charity near and dear to the host’s heart for extra sentimental value. This is the gift that will keep on giving each year as the recipient pulls it out of storage and hangs it on his or her tree.

Birthday plans for him

My father will be celebrating his 67th birthday this coming Thursday (April 7,2016).  The sister and I talked about this day on how we are going to celebrate his birthday.  The sister suggested to celebrate it outside for a change.  Instead of cooking and inviting his friends for dinner, she wanted to go out and have dinner outside.  Then get a room in karaoke bar and have a sing-a-long bonding since the family likes to sing especially my father.  Since it is his special day, we want him to enjoy and have fun.  The sister’s plan is really nice and I like it.  The father’s birthday would be memorable for sure.

However, brothers does not like the idea.  They prefer to celebrate it at home, cook father’s favorite foods and have our sing-a-long bonding at home.  We can use the karaoke set that we have.  And it is less costly.  If we want it more like a family bonding, we do not need to invite friends.  It would be a family event/celebration.  The brothers has a point.  The only issue is it would be a bit tiring because we have to cook foods, and prepare everything compared to just go out.

To sum it up, we have two plans for the father’s special day.  We have not decided yet of what plan we are going to choose.  The board member (that’s what we call the members of the family), will discuss and talk about the birthday plan.  Whatever the decision is, we will make the father’s birthday memorable for us.