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Wanted to become a teacher

I remember when she was in grade school my niece says that she wanted to become a nurse.  She wants to help treating people in the hospital.  Also, told me that she wants to work abroad to help the family financially.  I am amazed because at early age she thinks of the future of her family.  And that is a good sign that the niece is being responsible and loving to her parents.  As the time, days, months, years passed by the niece’s dreams to become nurse is fading away.  She has no interest at all.  She told us that she wants to become a teacher like her mommy (her aunt).  She idolized her mommy (her aunt) that much.

Yesterday, was their career guidance program at school.  They were told to wear the prescribed clothes for the career they want to pursue and become.  And the niece chooses to become a teacher.  She said she wants to be like mommy.  Instead of treating sick people in the hospital, she likes to teach the future generation.  She wants to be part of their journey to success.  The niece has a point on that.  She thought of helping the future generation to become a better person and successful individual.  And that left me speechless.  Indeed the niece is growing so fast.  Her thoughts of the future and the dreams she wants to become someday makes me so proud of her.  I do hope that she will be able to reach her dreams, pursue the career she wants and become a successful person someday.  Way to go niece.  Don’t stop reaching your dreams, aim high and reach your goal in life.

The kids are ready for school

The kids are a bit sad because their vacation is almost over.  First day of school will start in four days.  Even though they are sad that play time is almost over, they are also excited for their first day of school.  Obviously they are excited because of their new bags, notebooks, shoes, sacks, uniforms, and the likes.  Their school stuffs makes them so excited to go to school.  Hopefully their excitement will continue till the last day of school.  The nephews ages 6 and 5 are so excited.  They keep on checking their stuffs and likes to wear their shoes, and looking at their uniforms.  Reminds me so much of my younger days.

The five years old nephew is the most excited one.  He is excited because he will be in new school.  New environment, new teacher, and new friends to meet.  Everyday I told him that he will be studying in new school.  He will not be seeing his friends and classmates on his Kinder 1 Class.  I get lots of questions from him and whys.  And knowing my nephew, I have to give the best answer and explanation to stop him from asking a lot.whew!

I hope that the nephew will do good at his new school and will learn more.  Good luck nephew!   Whatever your achievements are, we are always proud of you!

It’s Brigada Eskwela Again

In preparation for the opening of the classes on June 13, 016 several public schools are conducting Brigada Eskwela.  This Brigada Eskwela started last May 30, 2016.  It is a working together program by the Department of Education for the schools.  Parents, volunteers, guardians and students are bringing rugs, broomsticks, paint, paintbrushes, floor wax and the likes to participate in the yearly activity at the schools.  This also to make sure that the school is clean, safe and ambiance is fresh for all the students.  To make the students comfortable at their classrooms.  There are also volunteers from other sectors extending help for the school.

It is really good to see people working together for one cause.  This is the beauty of the Brigada Eskwela.  Seeing parents, volunteers, guardians, students and teachers doing things for one cause is indeed a beautiful capture.  It is nice to see parents participating in this government program.  I experienced this working together program last year at the school where my niece’s enrolled and it was a nice experience.  Yes, it is tiring but worth it.  I able to meet new friends doing the Brigada Eskwela.  I hope that more parents, guardians, and volunteers will spend some of their time doing this working together program.

He passed the entrance examination

Two months ago, the nephew took an entrance examination in the certain school.  The school that would surely develop his skills and will give him great teachings.  I am not saying that other schools won’t give him that just that the school is much better.  And it is not easy to get into this school because the students who wants to enroll will have to undergo several tests to get in.  And the nephew undergo three sets of examinations.  Even though the nephew is not that good, we still tried hoping and praying that he will make it.

Two months of waiting for the results makes us so excited and at the same time scared.  But we still think positive and claimed that the nephew pass the examination.  Yesterday the sister went to the school to check for the result.  She is the happiest mother on earth after seeing the name of her son on the list of students who passed the examination.  It was an answered prayers I must say.  I am so happy for her and to my nephew.  He did it!  It is a long way for him.  I hope he will do good at the new school and pray for his wonderful journey in the new school.  Good luck nephew, you always make us so happy and proud especially your parents.  CONGRATULATIONS!