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Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts Aspirant

My niece will going to represent her class for Mr. and Ms. Communication Arts.  I am so happy for her because she slowly coming out from her shell.  Well, it was her teacher’s idea for her to join.  Her teacher picked her to represent their classroom and her teacher said, that he will not take a NO answer.  In other words, the niece has no choice.  I like also the idea of her teacher because joining beauty contest is one of my greatest dreams.  Again, I am seeing myself in her fulfilling my childhood dreams.  So, I am supporting my niece on this.

She is still an aspirant because they will have an elimination round.  And the school will pick the final contestants at the elimination round.  I so wanted to see the niece but was not able to.  I just wish her good luck and tell her to project and practice the catwalk.  Also, told her to show her confidence to wow the judges.  I do hope that the niece will make it and surpass the elimination round.  I really want to see her compete with other girls and to see how smart, witty and confident she is.  Good luck to you niece.  Continue to shine and reach your goal to the top.  I am so proud of you even if you’re so stubborn.LOL!

She wants it, now she got it

One of her goal when their class started, she wants to be on the top.  She did not able to be in the fast learner class and she is very sad about it.  But hearing that she still have the chance to be in the fast learner class if she will finished top one in their class.  So, she set her goal and will do her very best to get it.  My niece is a very competitive kind of person.  I am pretty sure that she can do it.  First grading period was not a good start for the niece because she finished in third place.  I can see the sadness in her eyes and I told her that she still have the chance to get what she wants.  Just study hard and set the goal a bit high.

The motivation I gave to her was a success because the niece is the top one in their class for second grading.  She is the happiest girl in the world and I am so proud of her.  Because you want it, now you got it!  Two more grading to go in determining if you will make it to the fast learner class.  Long way to go my niece.  Keep up the good works and double the hard work to maintain in the top position till fourth grading.  Congratulations!

Preschool recognition day

Few days ago was the recognition day of my preschooler nephew.  His parents are very much excited because their son made it.  We are not expecting that the nephew will last this long because he is very lazy to write and doesn’t want to study.  I remember he told us that he will only write when the teacher is around.  A bit stubborn huh!?  But we are not forcing him to do what we want.  We let him do on his freewill.  We do not want him to think that schooling is a torture.  As much as possible we want him to have an enjoyable first year of school.

Anyways, nine months are over.  It’s recognition day, the day where students are waiting for.    The nephew was very happy receiving three ribbons.  He said that he is a good boy in class that is why teacher is giving him ribbons.  I must say that the nephew has lots of improvements.  He can recognize colors, count numbers, recognize letters and can draw.  Also, he gain friends at school.  Congratulations to my nephew.  It’s a long way to go, I do hope that you will do better in the upcoming years of studying.  Your parents are proud of you!

Teaching him on how to write his name

Five months has passed and the nephew is enjoying his life as a student in pre-school. He gained new friends and he is not that shy anymore. He likes to play with his classmates as well. About their lessons, he is coping up fast however, the nephew has this attitude of being lazy. He will write when being told to, but stops when he does not want to write anymore. I am losing my patience when teaching him at home because he will not hold his pencil properly. Sometimes I think he is feed up with too many letters and numbers to write. I understand him though because he is only three years old.

Since they are done practising and writing the letters in the alphabet, the teacher told us to teach him to write his full name. I had a big sigh to be honest because I bet this would be a war with the nephew. Knowing the nephew, writing his two names and family name is a torture to him. It is his mom’s turn to teach him how to write his name. I will try to teach him when I can because my patience is too small for the Kidding aside, I guess it would be best if his mom and dad will teach him because they know how to motivate him. They have ways I must say. Good luck to them and to my nephew’s temper and