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The store that worth to visit

When the brother needs to buy new tools and equipment for his construction job, he always check the quality first and the price of it. He makes sure that he is buying the good quality of tools/equipment so he can use it for longer time. It will take him days to decide where to buy and what to buy. He will go for several stores/shops when he buys the tools he will need. The price/s is the issue every time the brother shops for tools. As much as possible, he wants to go the store that sells products/tools that are not expensive at all and of good quality. He has been doing this since the day he started construction job and he already knows the store that is worth to visit.

With the entire crisis that the world is facing right now, it is really difficult to get a job.  There are thousands of applicants for a few positions.  Sad truth I must say.  But despite of that, we still try our luck hoping and praying that we are lucky enough to be chosen and hired.  The competition is really tough especially when you are competing with experienced applicants and newly graduated college students with good statistic records.  These are the disadvantages that an applicant should face to get the job they want.  This is also the reason why some get a job that is not their field of studies.  What is important is that they have a job because they need to earn for a living.

I once was applied for a job that is not my field of studies.  And mind you it is really difficult because I do not have background about it.  I just gambled it because that time I really need a job.  Unfortunately I did not stay long because I am no longer happy.  It is really best to get the job you like, you have knowledge and interests.  It was a good and new experience for me though.  I still have thoughts once in a while of what would be like if I stayed longer.  Now, I am thinking of getting a job.  But the question is, Where, What, and How it is possible at my age.

Filed her reinstatement

The sister is counting the days left before she goes back to work.  She already filed her reinstatement papers.   She is now waiting for the days.  As the day of her returning to work getting nearer, she misses her one month old son.  Well, the heart of a mother.  The classes end two days after her returning to work.  She will not miss her son that much.  She will be spending more time with her son now because it is summer vacation.  While the sister is sad leaving her son, I, on the other hand is happy because I will enjoy the time with my nephew Andrei.

 The sister is arranging her stuffs already and checking the records of her students, so that when she returns to work, all she has to do is to fill up the records and record the grades of the students.  Lots of things are waiting for her return that is why the sister doesn’t want to return.  If she were to choose, she would let the sub-teacher do the rest, but it’s not possible.  She has to compute the grades fast so that she can declare the honor students, students with awards and merits.  Although she already has the names of her students who excel in her class, she just wants to see the grades to know the right awards, honor and merits to the students.

The ice cream vendor

One of the noble jobs that I have seen are the vendors on the street and on the sidewalk. I admire their sacrifices just to give their family a decent life and support them financially. It is not easy job because they have to beat the hit of the sun to earn for a living.


 Anyways, the image above is the ice cream vendor I have seen while on the street watching the activities that the city is preparing for the Kadayawan Festival.  Which reminds me of my childhood days because I always asked my sister and brother to buy me an ice cream.  Though not all was granted.  This ice cream vendor is there to sell his ice cream to everybody especially to kids.  I bet this vendor sells a lot and I am happy for him because it means more money for his family.  He did not mind the heat of the sun that burns his skin.  All he cares is that he is doing it for his family.  Noble job, right?  Kudos to this ice cream vendor/s and other vendors on the street.