Six Months Therapy

With all the developments on the nephew’s after a year as pre-schooler, the sister (his mother) still think that the nephew is lacking.  He still needs improvement to be able to cope up with other kids.  The sister brought him to the child therapy center.  The director told the sister that the nephew is to shy.  He did not belong to the special cases, but he is at risk.  If we will not enroll him in therapy class the nephew may belong to the special child cases.  We felt sad for the nephew, and again the sister partly blaming herself for what happened to her son.  If only she is not a working mom, she my give more time to her kids.

Anyways, the nephew will undergo six (6) months therapy sessions.  He can enroll in normal class but with at maximum of 20 students only.  The nephew will go to school in the morning and therapy in the afternoon.  The nephew starts the therapy last month and so far the nephew has development.  If the nephew will get better before six months, we can stop the therapy and we will just do it at home.  The director will conduct seminars to the parents and guardians for us to know how to do the follow up therapy at home.  Hopefully the nephew will get better soon and he will be less shy.

Looking for a house near the city

My older brother and his family are living with us for more than a decade.  Their kids have grown up with us and I am glad that they are living with us because the house would be so lonely if only my father and me in the house.   My father always told me that it is best for my brother to live their own so that they will have freedom to do what they want and for them to buy their own stuff.  My father has a point, however, it would be so lonely without kids running around.  I’d rather choose a messy house than the lonely house.

Two days ago, the brother told the sister that they are looking for a house.  They are thinking of moving out because the house is too far from the school.  They prefer to get a house near the city and the school so they do not have to ride in public vehicles.  It short, they can save money living near the city.  The brother is still looking for a house though but thinking about it makes me so sad knowing that they will be moving out anytime time.  The kids do not like the idea but they have to choice.  To be honest, I am hoping that the brother will not get a house so they will stay and not move out.

Wish You Were Here, Says Orlando!

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The wedding preparation

As part of the Filipino tradition when a man wishes to marry his girlfriend, the first thing he should do is to visit the family of the girl and ask permission from the parents of the girl.  And that is what we are going to do this Sunday because my brother wants to settle down and marry his girlfriend.  They have been in a relationship for three years and living under one roof for two years now.  We are so glad that finally, they decided to tie the knot.  The girl, my soon to be sister-in-law is two months pregnant.  It is a blessing because they are waiting for this moment before decided to get married.

This Sunday also we will plan for the wedding and prepare what is need to be done for their big day.  This moment happens one in their life, so as much as possible we want to make it extra special and memorable.  Though we are not into an extravagant wedding, just a simple one that fits the bride and groom.  I also extend my help to my brother, I am not a wedding planner and don’t know much but I can search online to get an idea.    I am so excited for them.  Congratulations in advance to my brother and future sister-in-law.