He comes out early

The scheduled CS operation of my sister is on the 19th of this month.  The sister slowly finishing her paper works at school so that when she will give birth to her second baby, she does not have unfinished business.  However, the baby did not want her to get very tired because the baby comes out on the 16th of this month.  Yes, 5 O’clock in the afternoon of January 15, the sister felt the baby is contracting.  Because her schedule is on the 19th, she did not mind it.  Instead she went home and takes time to sleep.  She thinks that the baby is tired and stress after working.  But 11 O’clock in the evening of the same day, the sister decided to go to the hospital because she felt a little pain.

When we arrived at the hospital, the sister is already 3 cm.  She brought to the delivery room, monitored her and schedules an early CS operation.  She gave birth on January 16, 2013 at 8:02 in the morning.  The baby is very much excited I must say because he comes out 3 days before the expected date.  Well, expect the unexpected.  The family is very much happy because we finally see the little angel that will bring joy and happiness to us.  Welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei!

Early Birthday Celebration

The niece will turn eight tomorrow.  She wanted to celebrate her day at the beach; however her birthday falls on Monday so we decided to celebrate one day ahead.  She is not expecting for any gifts from us, just to celebrate it at the beach is enough for her.  That is how simple the niece is.  Good thing we live near the beach, we can go easily.  Her wish is our command, so we are at the beach now to celebrate the 8th birthday of my niece Ella.

Anyways, before we go to the beach.  I attended an early mass at the church and I brought Ella with me.  Even if is she still sleepy, she wakes up rubbing her eyes.  At first she doesn’t want to go to church.  But after telling her that she needs to since it is her birthday she stands up and go directly to the bathroom.  I told her to pray to and give thanks to God for the gift of life and for another year of her life.  She did not light any candle yet because it’s not her birthday yet.  Tomorrow she will go to the church again to light a candle and say a little prayer.

Grateful for his Life

The family did have a simple dinner at our very own abode to celebrate the brother’s 37th birthday.  It is sort of surprise dinner for him because he doesn’t know our plans till he gets home.  To him, no need to celebrate it because he is old but for us it should be celebrated to give thanks for the gift of life.  He got sick November of last year and have continue his medication up to present.  His condition and health is getting better now and deserves a celebration.

The brother went to church the day before his birthday to give thanks to God for the gift of life.  Also for giving him a second chance of life after got really sick last year.  The brother’s faith and believe in God heals the wounds inside and outside.  His wish to give him good health, peace of mind and happy life with the family.  I do wish the brother good health always and hope he gets married soon.  haha!  But I guess the latter will take time as the brother does not have any girlfriend yet.  Well, this is what I know, who knows he has someone already.  Anyways, I really hope he get married soon so that somebody will take good care of him, love him and be with him always.  Happy Birthday Manoy!  God bless always!

Birthday gift for my sister-in-law


In less than two months my sister-in-law will be celebrating her 41st birthday.  I am thinking of giving her a unique gifts ever.  Something that she haven’t receive yet.  Since she is turning 41, I thought of buying 41 pieces of kinds of foods, candies, chocolate and lot more.  It is not easy to pick 41 pieces of things that I will have to give as my birthday present.  I am searching online and offline of the best gift to give to her.  Luckily I found GiftBaskets.com where selling goods that is so perfect to give to my SIL.  I will just add more goods to make it 41 pieces.