Congratulations to your new business

Few weeks ago, the younger brother told me about their planning to put up their own business.  They already have small business near their house, but the kind of business that he is planning to put up is a printing business, the business that he dreamed of to manage and own.  My brother finished a vocational course about graphic designs and finished four years college course related in computers. Also experienced to work as graphic artist.  I can tell that the brother has enough knowledge to start a printing business.  I am praying that one day his dreams will come into reality.

This morning a beep of my cellphone woke me up.  He lives far from us.  I got a morning message from the younger brother.  He asked about us and I asked about his life.  We haven’t heard from him lately and receiving his message this morning made me smile.  He informed me that his printing is now open and starts the operation.  I can tell that he is so happy.  We are so happy for him because his dream is starting to come true.  Congratulations to my brother and I hope that his business will be a successful one.  I wish to visit him soon to see his printing business.  I hope sooner.