Teaching them to clean their clutters

The girls(my nieces) are on one week vacation from school because of the All Saints and All Souls day.  The kids are very much happy because they will have more time to play and having fun with their friends.  They are happy because they can sleep late and wake up late.  Also, no assignments make and no study of lessons.  A week of vacation is too long and lots of time to play, that is why I told the brother to tell his daughters to clean their clutters.  Their school bags are so messy, the area where they put their bags is not properly arranged and their books on the shelf is well arrange.

Honestly, I asked the girls first to clean their clutters and to help me doing the household chores.  However, seems like they do not like what I have said because they just look at me and didn’t answer.  So, I do not have any choice but to ask their father’s (my brother) help.  Their father told them the things they have to do while they are on vacation.  They have to finish the chores assigned to them and cleaning their own clutters before they can go out and play.  They have to do it right because their father will check in the evening.  Thanks for the brother for helping me and for not thinking that I am abusing his daughters.  I am just trying to teach them in cleaning their clutters, do some light household chores for them to become responsible persons when they grow older.

Folding Lesson

I was folding some clothes when my two nieces bugging me by trying to help.  I do not want to be disturbed when I am folding because I have to finish it before my nephew wakes up from afternoon nap.  These two nieces of mine are very hard headed and so we end up very noisy.  Even if I told them to stop, still they are folding clothes even if they do not know how to fold.  I can see it in their eyes that they wanted to help me, and so I decided to teach them how to fold clothes.   Instead of wasting my energy telling them to stop, I start to teach them do the folding.  I am so happy that after five attempts, they now know how to fold shorts and arrange their cabinet.  A new learning for them and I am so glad they are not the kind of kids that is always wants to just play.

I have always wanted to teach them some household chores for them to become a responsible person when they grow older.  I have taught them on doing the dishes and sweeping the floor.  Their new lesson for this week is folding their clothes.  I wish to teach them more household chores, the things that my mother has taught me.  What I am right now is because of my mother and I want them to grow up a responsible one.