Doing her project alone

Before I usually helped my nieces in doing their assignments and projects because I know the feeling of doing it all alone when I was still studying.  Looking at them reminds me of the time when I was still a student and no one is there to help me with my assignments and projects.  That is why I can’t just watch them alone and will not lend a help.  It is not easy to do it alone, it is still best to have someone helping you and giving ideas, views and opinions.  As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one”.

However, I realized that it is not good to help them always.  How can they learn and being independent?  So, I opted to just let them do their assignments and projects.  If they asked for any help I will still help them but only when they desperate.  Letting them do their stuffs is training them of being independent and for them to squeeze their brains.  Also, for them to develop their creativity, skills and ability.  Just like today, I just give her an idea and a theme as guidelines for her to come up with a nice design and interesting scrapbook.  Hopefully the niece will come up with a nice one.  By the way, it is fun watching her very busy doing her project.  Good luck niece!

Observing what is happening

June 9, 2014 is the first day of classes for the nephew. It was his mother who brought him on the first day. She has to orient her son well so when she is not around he won’t cry looking for her. His first day was fine because he is with his mother. Though he doesn’t want to left inside the classroom and he is not yet participating in the class. Well, he is a bit shy just like her mom before. We do hope that he will overcome his shyness and will participate in the class.

On his second day, I brought him to school because his mother is back to school. It was really hard to leave him because he will cry. I have to stay closer to him so he wont cry and scream. Also, I help him getting his notebooks and tell him to listen and follow to his teacher. I enjoyed watching the nephew though. I took some photos too as remembrance and to show it to his mother. The nephew is so behave at his class. He is like observing what is happening around him. Also he participate when I told him. I am pretty sure the nephew will do good at school.

Starts to wake up early

The wake up late is over for the kids because the classes just start this Monday.  And this is only means one thing for them, its waking up early once again.  The kids do get so lazy waking up so early in the morning but they should have to wake up early.  This is what I saw from my two nieces.  It takes minutes for their mother to wake them because they are so tired to wake up. haha!  Seems like waking up late for the past two months is not enough for them.  Though they are very much excited to go to school, they sleepy head over powering it.  But whether they like it or not they have to get up and get ready for school.

First day of school of the nieces was good I guess because they arrived home smiling.  Sharing to me what happened on their first day at school.  They are happy telling me about their classmates, new and old friends.  Having heard their story, I guess they would like to wake up early now.  And go to school smiling.  Good luck girls and I wish you do well at school.

Already enrolled for school year 2012-2013

Same with other kids, my nieces are happy after hearing from their father that they are enroll already.  The kids are so excited about it because they missed their friends at school, they missed school and of course excited about their school requirements.  Though they do not have it yet, still they are happy about the thought of having new things..  The fact that they will be having new things like bag, notebooks, school uniform, shoes, notebooks, pencils and lot more.  These are the things that makes the kids so excited to start schooling.  And it is normal because I do have the same feelings decades back. haha!

Three more days to go and the school year 2012-1013 will starts.  The kids, teachers, schools and classrooms are almost done with their preparation for the first day of school.  Ten months of studying, learning  and reading at school will soon starts.  Last school was a good year for the kids (my nieces).  I do hope that they will finished with flying colors this year.  I must have new ways to motivate the kids to do well at school.  And I am thinking of one already.  I hope what I am thinking now is good enough for the kids to study hard and do their best to do well at school.  Good luck girls!