The house title

The sister bought the house they rented for months.  After living in the house for almost two years, they finally bought the house from the owner.  They also paid the amount of the house from the home mortgage.  After three months of waiting, the title of the house arrived.  The problem is that the name written on the house title is the name of the original borrower.  The sister felt sad because this means they are going to spend money to change the title of the house to her name.  But before doing so, the sister has to pay the taxes to the BIR.  She doesn’t want to because she is out of budget; however, she doesn’t have any choice.

The sister wanted to finish everything before she give birth, but she was not able to.  Since the taxes, keeps on increasing every day, the sister asked a favour from me.  So, I went to the BIR and process everything so that the title of the house will be change to her name.  The processing of the payment and the documents took me to days to finish it.  Tiring because of the bad weather, but I am glad I finished paying the taxes.  The sister can now change the house title to her name.  We were just waiting for the certification to arrive then; the sister can now go to the registry of deeds for the transfer of name title.

He comes out early

The scheduled CS operation of my sister is on the 19th of this month.  The sister slowly finishing her paper works at school so that when she will give birth to her second baby, she does not have unfinished business.  However, the baby did not want her to get very tired because the baby comes out on the 16th of this month.  Yes, 5 O’clock in the afternoon of January 15, the sister felt the baby is contracting.  Because her schedule is on the 19th, she did not mind it.  Instead she went home and takes time to sleep.  She thinks that the baby is tired and stress after working.  But 11 O’clock in the evening of the same day, the sister decided to go to the hospital because she felt a little pain.

When we arrived at the hospital, the sister is already 3 cm.  She brought to the delivery room, monitored her and schedules an early CS operation.  She gave birth on January 16, 2013 at 8:02 in the morning.  The baby is very much excited I must say because he comes out 3 days before the expected date.  Well, expect the unexpected.  The family is very much happy because we finally see the little angel that will bring joy and happiness to us.  Welcome baby Mark Nin Andrei!

On her 37 weeks

Two more weeks the sister will give birth to her second baby.  It is a boy and we already have the name of the baby.  I am so excited to see the new angel that soon will give joy and happiness to the family.  We wanted a baby girl, but since God gave us a boy we will accept it will all our hearts and with smiling face.  Having a baby is enough reason to be happy and feel so blessed.  Anyways, the sister is done preparing everything she and the baby needs to bring at the hospital.

I am excited to be the first one to see the baby at the nursery room, but I am afraid I won’t be able to for no one will look after the sister’s eldest son.  I hope that they will get a nanny before the sister gave birth because I really wanted to go to the hospital with her and help the BIL in taking care of the sister and the baby.  Because I am so excited, I am making a countdown till Andrei arrives and smile at us.  So, Andrei come quick because we are so excited to see, embrace and carry you. hehe!

She said ‘YES’ at last

I keep on telling my sister to write a post in my blog especially if I do not have any idea of what to write.  She used to write poems, short stories and editorial articles back when we were in high school.  That is why I keep on asking her because I know that writing is so easy for her.  She was my idol when it comes to writing.  Though I did not able to label her because mine is so simple.  Her English vocabulary is wider compared to mine.  Anyways, I always get a “no” answer from her every time I asked her.  Felt sad but there is nothing I can do.  I know my sister very well, when she says ‘no’  it’s really a no.

Two days ago, I have lots of writings to do.  Unfortunately, I can’t think of a personal post to share it here.  Even if I always get a no answer from her, I did asked her if she could write for me.  I am shocked and surprised because she said ‘yes’ this time.  Woohoo!  My sister save my empty brain by writing two post for me.  I am so thankful for my sister.  She did write a very nice post.  Thanks very much sister Annie.